January 30, 2006

Look, Ma!

No cable needles! I've cast on for the cable purse, and decided to give the knitting-without-cable-needles a whirl. It really is quite simple. I'm not sure if it's that much of a time saver, as I'm working with two strands, so I have to take the time to make sure I've got all my loops on my needle, but still, it is less cumbersome. Seeing how it works though, I'm not so sure that the technique would have worked when I was working on Ben's blanket. For that, I was doing a braided cable which requires more manipulation of the loops than the basic twist I'm working with now. So, that's a new thing I learned today!

I had originally thought this would be a good project for some Red Heart I had lying around, but I didn't really like working with two strands of it. So then I tried it out with a single-strand, but wasn't crazy about the way it was knitting up. I eventually settled on Rowan Cork, which coincidentally is a similar color as that used for January. I had initially picked up this yarn from the clearance rack at my LYS, intending to make some wristwarmers. I'm glad I never got around to those though because I really like how it's knitting up for this purse! Not much so far, but not bad for a half hour's work:


Doris might actually get it sometime near her birthday (which happens to be today, of course).

As for Lelah, she is being blocked ... finally!


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K said...

Cabling with out a needle is totally the way to go... I did it with Mariah when I knit her... and by the time I got done, i was pretty quick :)
Looking good!