January 11, 2006


After long last, and at the very last possible moment, I finally finished this up:


I'm calling it January in honor of the little boy this is for. It's all official, and K's hubby is off to China this weekend to go get their son. I was able to give it to them last nite while I was over there for some good eats.

A close up of the cable, and a shot of the back:



Welp, it's done, and they've let me off the hook for the slightly puckered edges, which are a result of my careless counting of the edging stitches. Now, that's what friends are for!


agentslaeyer said...

Wow! Very impressive, stuff, krazyb!

And I really hope that I'm wrong about Marv.

How are you?

k's hubby said...

Holy crap, puckered edges? Look at that thing! It's beautiful and we can't wait to wrap B up in it!