February 06, 2006

Being Productive

Our knitters' gathering last Thursday took place at a very cool, local lounge. The problem however, was that I had taken with me the gloves that I started working on a while back. Why was this a problem? Well, because I was attempting to knit with dark yarn on smallish needles... in the dark! I hadn't been to this venue before, and hadn't realized it would be as dimly lit as it was. Still, I forged ahead, and just barely escaped going permanently cross-eyed. Alas, I discovered a hole somewhere among my increases for my thumb, and gave up. Feeling a bit more courageous after a glass of wine, I frogged the whole thing, re-cast, and managed to get a few rounds of stockinette started. I finished up the right hand tonight while watching the Steelers win (C'mon, how great is Bettis' story? Not to mention I just think that Bill Cowher is pretty cool):


Though it's slightly loose in the palm area, I'm otherwise pretty happy with my first glove. The fingers weren't as hard as I thought they would be, and I did my math correctly so that they actually fit perfectly. I tend to have problems with store-bought gloves because my fingers are too short, even with the small sizes. Anyhow, I just love, love the colors in this yarn.

This weekend I also managed to finish the body of the cable knit purse, which awaits its lining and handles:


Lelah is more or less done, as I painstakingly wove all its ends in yesterday. I just have to add the straps and it will be ready to be gifted (finally!).

All in all, I'd say I had a pretty productive knitting weekend!


Jenna said...

Gloves and purse are both looking great. Boy, that purple yarn sure looks different in the light! :)

Georgie said...

is this thing all about knitting? What happened to the barrister part? Or you a barrister that makes coffee at Starbucks? Why don't you knit me a skull cap....I could use one of those...