July 10, 2011


Haven't been posting much of anything; lost my mojo just shortly after JazzFest started (though I saw a number of great shows). What have I been doing instead?

Amanda and I have been checking out new (and old) places to bike. It's been made so much easier to venture out since I finally buckled down and bought a bike rack -- I love my Saris Bones, which after its initial fitting to my car straps straps on and off very simply. Yesterday we headed up to Charlotte and biked along the Genesee Riverway Trail and took in the breathtaking views of the scenic gorge. Unfortunately, most of those picturesque views came while traveling uphill and I wasn't about to get off my bike for fear of never making it to the tops if I were to stop! The swans however were paddling along in the river, where the path was level.

swans in the river

This summer has also been a good one for sailing, as I've been able to get out to the lake and race generally twice a week. A couple weeks ago, I helped out on the race committee boat and rocky as that vessel was in the windy waters that night, we perhaps had the best seat in the house.

tuesday night sailing 04

tuesday night sailing 13

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