June 12, 2011

Getting Lucky

Lucky Peterson, that is.

Yep, it's that time of year again when Jazz Fest is my life. Unfortunately, I've started this year fighting off The Worst Cold Ever so I've had a slow start but have still managed to catch some great acts.

So getting back to getting Lucky. Seriously. He played on our table. Apparently, there's now a taboo on taking photos during the gigs so I guess I can't post the up close and personal shots that I, er, didn't take. The Tent was rocking. He played over the allotted time so by the time he was done with the first set, it was too late to go anywhere else so we stuck around. It wasn't as rowdy, or even packed which I'm guessing was because it was Sunday night and everyone crammed in for the earlier show. However, those of us who stayed got quite a treat with a completely different set. Lucky and wife Tamara closed out with a duet of "Proud Mary" and the opening riff of "Play that Funky Music."

Best so far: Matt Wilson's Arts & Crafts. I saw these guys opening night simply by tagging along with friends who had seen them before and couldn't stop raving about them. These guys were A. Ma. Zing. To think I almost missed them -- I had been feeling pretty lousy and almost opted to call it an early night and head home. My friends' hype could not have prepared me for what I experienced and wow, have these guys set the bar high -- what a great way to kick off the fest.

Honorable mentions go to the three shows I saw yesterday -- Les Doigts de L'Homme, Arild Andersen Trio, Ensemble Denada and the aforementioned Lucky.

The Girls With Guitars were fun; Soweto Kinch was interesting (I think I liked him, but am still deciding) and Champian Fulton was sweet.

As I'm a sucker for anything Django-esque, my must see for Monday is Stephane Wrembel. I saw him a few years back and am looking forward to some more.

O, Jazz Fest, how I love thee.

For actual substantive commentary on the festival, go visit Greg's site and follow his links.

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