May 24, 2011

In "Training"

Some friends and I decided to try and "make fitness fun," as the conventional wisdom goes. We are entered into our first duathalon -- some of us as a relay team and a couple doing the race individually [color me impressed!] I have neither the desire nor constitution to put my knees and ankles through a run and thusly have chosen to be the cycling leg [20k] of a relay team. In preparation, pal Amanda and I decided to check out a new (to us) trail over the weekend and get used to riding again [we've been spinning at the gym]. While we usually hit the canal [tow]path, we ventured out a bit east to check out the Lehigh Valley Trail and what a lovely, pastoral ride it was. We chose a midpoint, rode to the western endpoint and returned for what amounted to approximately a 23k ride. Our next attempt will be at something hilly and maybe, just maybe, we'll be ready for the race [just a week and a half away - yikes!]


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Mike said...

Awesome, Janey. Gooood luck!