May 01, 2011

Saturday Morning at the Market

Saturdays are traditionally my mornings to sleep in, with no alarm prodding me awake. Yesterday however, despite my best intentions, I was wide awake at some ungodly [for Saturday] morning hour. Of course this doesn't happen to me during the week when I have to get up. At any rate, with the sun streaming in announcing what amounted to be a beautiful spring day, I begrudgingly got out of bed and decided to take advantage of the early awakening and headed out to the Public Market. I must admit that winter lethargy has kept me home Saturday mornings since last fall.

I think this is the earliest I've ever made it to the market -- there were roosters crowing when I got there! I happily stocked up on numerous items including these lovely hydroponically grown tomatoes:

market pleasure

I was directed to this vendor when I ran into my friend Kim, while bemoaning the fate of my beloved Sabres with the Pierogie Guy, who offered his condolences upon noticing my Sabres cap. I had been recounting the sadness we all felt when that OT goal at Game 6 sealed our fate when the woman standing next to me turned. Kim, who shares in our season ticket pool, had apparently heard, "Sabres" and "Game 6" and turned to find me standing there.

Yep, I was there that fateful Easter Sunday, cheering on the boys. Despite the disappointment (which, one is quite used to having grown up with Buffalo sports), I'd have to say they made a nice run, making it in to the playoffs after we had all (myself included) written them off. I'm excited about the new Pegula regime and appreciate all the little changes that have been made thus far, which are clearly noticeable at the home games. (I particularly enjoy the Jeanneret scoring calls that are announced over the speakers). While sad to see this season end the way it did (what the hell happened in Game 7?!), I'm looking forward to next year (ever the optimist) ...

game 6 08

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