September 27, 2010


My old roommate was in town for a visit so I took a few days off and we made a mini-break of it. I contemplated working half-days, but I'm never very good at that as they turn very close into full days and frankly, I needed the respite after a few crazy weeks anyway.

We ran up to Niagara-on-the-Lake to catch an unfortunately not-so-ideal production of An Ideal Husband. The weather was unexpectedly gorgeous and we walked around the quaint little town perusing its shops, but the usually solid Shaw Fest performances I'm used to were nowhere to be found in this unfortunate butchering of my favorite Oscar Wilde play. In fact, the only thing that saved this show was the script itself. Despite the [mostly] beautiful costumes [Mabel's outfits were stupendously horrendous] and the intriguing set [but such awful blocking!], most of the performances were flat -- the actors had no chemistry with each other and seemed merely to be reciting lines, rather than acting. We couldn't figure out if they were just having a bad night or if the entire run has been this horrible as all the reviews we were able to find online were favorable, if not raving. Steven Sutcliffe's Lord Goring was the only somewhat engaging character with the exception of Anthony Bekenn's Phipps, who had some of the best deliveries of the night in his very, very minor role.

However, we didn't let the disappointing play let us down and spent the rest of our days stuffing our faces, getting in some outlet shopping, hunkering down with cheesy chick-flicks and just generally being wonderfully lazy.

I got in an extra day of laziness after putting her on the plane and spent the remainder of my holiday on crafty endeavours:


Finished piecing the top and putting together the quilt sandwich. Now, I'm trying to decide how I want to quilt it. And yep, that's Whisper Cardigan in the background blocking. Am so not looking forward to the piles that have likely accumulated at the office during my absence, but I suppose that's inevitable after such an indulgence!

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