October 11, 2010

3-Day Weekend

I need more 3-day weekends. If I had them, I'd get more things done. Case in point:

eleanor, finis!

How much do I love this? I can't even express in words how much. While I finished knitting this quite some time ago, I had been inexplicably [or perhaps just distracted with new hobbies? (see below!)] procrastinating weaving in the ends and adding the fringe. Now that it's done I'm kicking myself for not getting it done sooner. Still, the timing couldn't be more perfect as the autumn cool seems to have settled in these parts and this will be perfect.

Timing was not so accommodating with the Whisper Cardigan, which after a year and a half is finally finished, just in time for ... er, next summer. This is not one of my favorite knits. I was mostly bored by this, but the scrumptiously soft yarn was so wonderful to knit with, and I really loved this colorway. The lace-weight yarn makes this shrug easily collapsible to throw in a purse and I'm sure will get its use when the weather is more appropriate.

whisper, finis!01

I also was able to finish quilting Mia's quilt and now all that's left to be done is the binding. Since I was only quilting in straight lines, it didn't take too long, though I did have to take a bit of a break when I started going cross-eyed. Repeating straight lines in quick succession on mostly polka-dotted fabrics can overstimluate one's optical nerves!

quilted ...

I'm so happy with how this is coming out and I'm really fascinated by this whole quilting process. So excited that I've already bought the fabric for my next quilt ...

innocent crush

Funny, when I first started perusing all the online fabric shops out there, I was overwhelmed and frustrated because most sites were classified by designer and how was I to know who is who? Little did I know how quickly I would become fluent in fabric designers and file away in my brain my likes. Anna Marie Horner is definitely in my Top Ten.

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