March 15, 2009

Justified Splurge.

I popped in at my favorite little shop to find a wedding present for a friend's upcoming nuptials. While browsing amongst the goodies, I fell in love with this handcrafted beauty, but I was there to get a wedding present, right?


I stood there admiring it for a bit while chatting up the sales woman, who asked if I had gotten my shamrock yet. What shamrock? Apparently, they were having a sale -- the amount of the sale to be determined upon the shamrock you drew, with discounts ranging from 10% to 30%. I wandered back downstairs to discover what their pot of gold had in store for me ... * drumroll * ... 30% off!

Well, that certainly changed things and I gave in, because the deal was just too good to ignore. My early birthday present to myself.

The designer, Jennifer O'Donnell is a local gal and the line is called "Fancy Girl."

And yes, I did manage to find a wedding present (discount applied to the entire purchase)!

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