February 01, 2009

Practice Makes ... Not So Perfect (Yet)

I've always liked oatmeal, though as a kid, I didn't know anything beyond the instant stuff. After discovering the real deal, I could never go back, but the other day I was thinking about the different flavors the instant packages came in and had a sudden desire for apple-cinnamon oatmeal. I found this tasty recipe over at epicurious.com and whipped it up this morning. I highly recommend it. I subbed applesauce for apple juice like one of the commenters did and I'm hooked. I may have to start the remaining winter mornings on this stuff! (And, I think I might just need to make a whole bowlful of honey-walnut clusters just to snack on).


My friend Amanda asked me to do the invitations for her boyfriend's 40th birthday, so that kept me pretty busy this weekend. I'm rather pleased with how they turned out.


But, they didn't take the whole weekend; though, it has been a rather crafty one at that ... A few years ago I picked up a drop spindle and some roving at a local fiber arts fair. I got as far as two balls of slubby, badly dyed yarn and about a half-spindle more before giving up and hiding everything away. I have no idea why after almost three years, yesterday morning I woke with a desire to try again. But I did.

After bouncing around the web from here to there and yonder, I've got the general idea, and seem to be getting a little better with each spindleful ... [I found Megan Lacore's 3-video tutorial to be the most helpful, though she's using a top whorl spindle.]

This is what was left on the spindle from my last try:


It's all uneven and kinky.

I want a lighter weight yarn to ply with, so I pulled off a small bit of roving and gave it another whirl [pun intended].

IMG_0448 IMG_0452
Much happier with the weight, but it's still over-twisted and kinky in way too many spots.

Take 3 is setting right now, and I seem to be getting a little better. Still having problems with drafting consistently for thickness but I had a lot less kinking this time and am feeling much more comfortable with the twisting aspect of it.

IMG_0449 IMG_0457

Last time around it was really frustrating, but yesterday I really enjoyed myself. I think I might take a class this spring. In the meantime, I still have quite a bit of roving to practice on ... with hopes of perfection one of these days.

Welp, I'm off to get all settled in for the Super Bowl and get in some quality knitting!

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