January 24, 2009

Patience is a Virtue ...

So they say. Not sure how virtuous I can be though while I wait for my number to come up in the library system for Stephenie Meyer's Eclipse. Of the 78 copies in the county library system, they are all either checked out, on hold or in transit for hold. And I'm Number 46 on the list. This is what you get for getting on the bandwagon with everyone else who is devouring the teen fiction vampire series. I was at a holiday party when one of the guests recommended Twilight with such passion, that I was intrigued.  I had no idea that I was going to get just as mesmerized as she and that I would have to read it through in one sitting. The following weekend I zipped through the second book, New Moon. Unfortunately, Eclipse isn't out in paperback until August 2009 and I'm not really willing to shell out the buckaroos for the hardcover... though, if my number doesn't come up in the next month, I don't know if I can hold out!

I haven't posted since I finished the Scrunchable Cowl (can I say, really quick knit?!). Managed to get it done in two football games (playoff weekends serve a dual purpose, yay!).


I'm feeling oh so productive as I've actually been finishing stuff lately.

So now I'm back to an older project, the I Do shrug from Knitty. I started this last spring in hopes of having it ready for my final concert, as I think it will pair wonderfully with a black dress I have that doesn't fit the sleeve requirement for concert dress. The sweater I often wear with it is just too warm for the hot stage; especially in the spring months. So I'm hoping that this shrug is lacy enough to keep me from overheating.

I hadn't gotten too far when I started it then, and I'm glad I didn't, as I had cast on way too many pattern repeats and in picking it up again, couldn't figure out where I even got that number from as it didn't seem to meet any of the sizes set forth in the pattern. After frogging that, I had to rip back again when I realized I twisted my join (Arrgh!). Third time was the charm though and I finally got through the first sleeve. The lace pattern is easy to memorize and is so simple that I can even watch tv while knitting this pattern and don't have to count too much (bonus!) -- though watching tv may have had something to do with my inexplicable cast on number during "take 1". At any rate, it's knitting up much quicker than I anticipated, so I might actually get to wear it before the orchestra breaks for the summer.

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