April 18, 2006

Secrets and Plies

I've been knitting a lot lately. Really, I have. But, no visuals to show for it until everything's all finished and gifted off to their respective recipients. Then hopefully I can get back to some selfish knitting and actually make something for me!

I've also been getting aquainted with the techniques and jargon of this whole spinning business, and am working on getting my drafting to be more consistent:


Ideally, my singles will be spun at the weight depicted in the middle section below:


If I can keep the consistency, I think I can get a decent 2-ply yarn out of this ...

On the off chance any of you are wondering how my first efforts at spinning and dyeing ended up:


I'm pretty happy with the color -- I used 8 packets of Grape and 4 packets of Strawberry-Banana Twist. There were a places where the Kool-Aid couldn't get to as shown by the random bits of white in there. I hadn't really thought it through when I tied up my skeins! Oops! Well, it is a learning process after all, isn't it? Still, I'm tickled pink, er, purple, that I've made my own yarn, even though it is quite slubby!

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