February 14, 2007

Not-so-fast Fast Food

Today was crazy. It's been snowing like mad since last night and my phone rang off the hook all day -- clients were hoping that maybe, just maybe, they didn't have to appear in court tonight. Schools may shut down and roads may close, but to paraphrase whats-her-face, my court will go on.

At any rate, since I had been fielding these calls all day, trying my very hardest to maintain patience for the whiners who just couldn't understand why court was still in session (as if it were under my control) and still do everything that I needed to do for tonight's docket, I didn't have time for lunch. So I left the office earlier than usual to ensure that I would have plenty of time to dig my car out of the snow, maneuver the wintry roads, grab a quick bite to eat and get to court on time.

The digging didn't take very long -- there actually was no digging involved -- the snow cleared away pretty easily with a brush here and there. Just in case though, my awesome co-worker hung around in his truck to make sure I didn't have any problems rolling my Sentra out of the unplowed parking lot (he and I are too cheap to pay for the garage, and apparently the only two who were being so frugal [i.e., stupid] on this wintry day).

The roads were better than I anticipated, so I got out to the town in no time. I considered my dining options and settled on Burger King (sometimes, fast food is the way to go). I pulled into the lot and headed toward the drive-thru. There is a significant stretch from the entrance to the drive-thru speaker thingy. I turned my wheel to make the curve, but before the car could react, it fishtailed (apparently, this is why people invest in snow tires) and there I was, stuck in a snowbank over a ditch -- the car was at a 45 degree angle, just stuck. It wasn't moving downhill, and definitely not moving in reverse.

I got out to assess the situation and wondered if maybe some kindly BK patrons might want to help me push my car back over the lip of the ditch. I thought to myself it was going to be interesting because of course, I chose to wear a skirt suit on this date.

The BK diners were kind enough to express their concern and make sure I was okay and not be too deprecating in wondering how on earth my car ended up where it did, but the majority vote was that there was no way the car was moving without a tow truck.

Of course, I don't have AAA because it was one of those things I kept meaning to get and hadn't, yet. But I'd heard that you can call them on the spot and sign up, so one of the cashiers found me a telephone book. However, because it was turning out to be that kind of day, my cell phone decided to break down. [Aside -- A few months ago, I had issues with my cell phone -- it wouldn't turn on, despite a fully charged battery. Apparently, I'm having the same problem with my replacement -- it was working fine as of yesterday, and I charged it last night, so clearly there is a problem with the model.] The BK people were kind enough to give me a phone to use, and after I called the court to let them know I might be late, started dialing. The line to AAA was busy. I tried a tow company that my court clerk recommended, but that was a three-hour wait. I finally found a towing company that said they could be there in 5 minutes.

$55 later, I was out of the ditch.

So much for fast food. Not to mention that was the most expensive Whopper, Jr. I've ever had.

At least the night wasn't a total wash. I got one of my cases dismissed on motion. This is a big deal for me since this judge never dismisses anything on motion.

I think I'm going to pour myself a glass of wine (or three).

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