February 11, 2007

Good Eats

Last weekend my friend Margaret and I checked out Song's, a Korean restaurant I found out about recently. It was pretty good, but better yet, inexpensive (for Korean food). I'm very excited about this place because now I can go there when I'm craving the stuff. The extent of my own Korean "cooking" is usually just defrosting the stuff mum sends back with me whenever I visit home. There's only one other Korean place in town that I'm aware of which I've never been particularly fond of. The food there is mediocre at best and the hostess rather unpleasant. It was pretty cold out last weekend, so both Margaret and I indulged in soups. Margaret seemed quite happy with the dumpling soup she had, while I enjoyed my spicy tofu stew. Yum.

I also had an opportunity to pop in to Mythos recently. The Greek diner is situated in the heart of Brockport, right around the corner from the courthouse. I had a 4 pm hearing one afternoon, and headed out there a couple hours earlier to check the place out. The spanakopita was among the tastiest I've had around these parts, and my chicken souvlaki pita sandwich hit the spot. I confess I may be a bit biased as I know one of the owners, but the food really is excellent.

My coworker Amanda and I have been frequenting Taco John's a lot lately. The fresh and tasty Tex-Mex fare is insanely cheap, and one can get quite full on $5. It's really cute inside too, and reminds me of the ethnic eateries of the East Village.

Food is a wonderful thing.

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