October 23, 2006


Am making progress on the Hourglass -- got to the yoke and have started the first sleeve ...

hourglassbody startingsleeve

Stripes are so much fun, but boy do I hate those damn ends:


This project is actually a few weeks old, but in light of the fact that it has not yet been gifted to its recipient, I refrain from displaying the FO in all its cuteness (well, at least I think it's cute!).

Anyhow, to break up the single color, stockinette monotony of the Hourglass (which by the way, is a great knit club project since it requires so little attention that can be diverted to more social endeavours), I've been having fun using the leftover yarn from the above for a long, skinny, stripey scarf. In using only two colors at a time, I can at least avoid the hassle of those crazy ends by just running the yarns up the side.


Have little else to share tonite except my giddiness about the Sabres' strong start (8-0) this season.

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