November 04, 2006

Random Notes


In a whirlwind of events, I've landed a new job. It was unexpected and unsolicited, but somehow my name came up when my future employer contacted a former employer about recommendations to fill a vacancy. A few emails and phone calls later, I was sitting for a first interview, followed shortly thereafter that week by a second one, and a job offer by the end of that day. Needless to say, I'm stunned. I've accepted of course, as it's an opportunity I just can't refuse, and I've put in my two weeks' notice. With one down, one more to go.


While I was out celebrating with friends last night, I was randomly reminded of some tasty margaritas my friend Doris and I discovered at Maria's a couple weeks ago. They were so delicious, I meant to post about them then, but, obviously, never got around to it. Maria's actually has some decent Mexican food -- a rare commodity anywhere, but especially so in these parts -- but what really makes Maria's shine are the insanely priced margaritas (which are worth every damn cent). The fare is inexpensive (unlike their accompanying beverages) and seemingly authentic. As I said, decent. Then again, I've been spoiled. Several years ago, a law school friend of Mexican heritage invited me out to her home in California where we were duly fed by her relatives. There's really no going back after that.

I was also happy to rediscover Panzari's Italian Bistro. My friend Margaret and I ventured out on an autumn walk on a recent Saturday afternoon, and popped into this place for our post-rambles meal. We had dined here once a couple years ago, but had somehow forgotten about it. With great prices and delicious food, I won't be forgetting about again any time soon. Besides, I need to get back to the Corn Hill Landing neighborhood to have some homemade ice cream. If you're out that way, pop in and the proprietor will be more than happy to share a sample or two. It may be early in the season, but I recommend the eggnog.


The last time I made it out to a Chix nite, Jenna asked how a bottom-up raglan is made without seams, because I'd still have to attach the sleeves, no? I of course being the master knitter that I am (ha) had no answer, as I hadn't gotten that far yet. I just assumed it would all become clear when I got there. And it has. I think. So Jenna, for you, I've attempted to photodocument this, but I am about as much a master photographer as a knitter, and may need to recruit Binet in the future.

When the sleeve has reached full length, the "armpit" stitches go on a holder:


The body portion of the sweater has already been separated into front and back by placing armpit stitches on holders on each side of the sweater as well. You'll knit the first sleeve onto your body needles, next to the front part of the sweater, except for the stitches that are hanging out on those holders.


Once the sleeve stitches are knit onto the body needles, just continue knitting the front of the sweater up to the next set of armpit stitches. The first sleeve is now attached to the body of the sweater, with the armpit stitches on both the sleeve and the body lining up (these are apparently to be grafted later). The same will be done for the second sleeve, and by attaching the first sleeve, it frees up my needles without having to get a second set.


This sweater is actually knitting up quite quickly (with what little free time I've had), so hopefully it will be done "soon."

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