May 11, 2006

A Slice of New York

I am admittedly, a NYC snob. I think it's an unavoidable side effect of having lived there. I stayed there for four years before leaving to pursue a less lucrative, but idealistic career in a smaller "city" (I use the term loosely). The idea was that I could have a decent quality of life on the peanuts I would be earning. It's not so bad here -- I've made great friends, and I've had fun times, but I get severely nostalgic when it comes to the food around here, especially the pizza.

I previously mentioned in passing that I thought I had found a decent upstate substitute. I am posting again to stand by the Pizza Stop and devote an entire entry to the pies made there. I had to rush to a meeting after work today, and I was starving. I was lucky enough to find a downtown eatery that was still open (most close around 3 p.m, as they cater to the day's professionals), though I barely made it, hitting the joint in the last few minutes before it's 5:30 closing. While the proprieter heated my slices up in the oven, we chatted about his fare. I put in a request for garlic knots in the future (the Pizza Stop offers pizza only and nothing else), and he offered an amused chuckle. He promised to at least reconsider the idea, apparently having given it some thought in the past. When the slices came out, the accompanying aroma took me back to the City in seconds. I desperately wanted to bite into those slices the minute they came out, but alas, I was already late for my meeting. Thankfully, I didn't have far to travel, and my slices were still crispy and tasty when I did get to them. It's your average City pizza -- but for upstate New York, it's the bomb. Cons: Only open during the week, and delivery is limited to within walking distance.

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