March 29, 2006


I had big plans, I tell ya, big plans to celebrate my birthday today. Except that I've been foiled because some other schmoe has decided it's his laundry night too. So instead, I am sitting here, glass of wine in hand, noshing on some Brie and oven-fresh batard, debating whether I want to make the effort to trek to the laundromat. Or maybe I'll just wait it out and hope that schmoe is done soon.

Not that you could tell, but I just had a few slight (pleasant) interruptions, as I just caught up with the little bro, who called to say hey to his older and wiser (hah!) sister, and my pal Bob who I kind of left at the bar last week (though amicably).

I met up with some friends for lunch today, and my friend Doris asked the standard question of whether I felt any older. I didn't, until, she picked up the phone to touch base with our friend Brenda regarding our food. The thing was, that Brenda had called her, and I didn't hear the phone ring! So apparently, my hearing is going. So much for not getting older!

For simplicity's sake, they ordered a pizza ... but it turned out it was not just any pizza. What I devoured at lunch was quite akin to a NYC pizza! Since I've left that grand Metropolis, I've bemoaned the fact that the pizza 'round these parts just doesn't cut it; but today, I ate a few slices of heaven. Apparently, pizza dude is a former New Yorker, and said pizza had previously been approved by a fellow former New Yorker friend of mine. So, all in all, it's been a good day, with some more celebration to look forward to for the coming weekend. Whee!

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