May 11, 2006

Pondering ...

The other day I was perusing Kate's blog and saw that she's been plotting these lovely sounding armwarmers. We exchanged an email or two in which she - so very Kate-like - downplayed her knitting fashion saavy and genius, and reminded me of Knitty's Mrs. Beeton, when I inquired about how to add a slight ruffle to the bell sleeve. Kate is using a baby mohair, which is an ideal fiber for this project. However, not having any on hand, and trying to be so very good about using up some stash before making any new purchases, I chose to work with the handpainted lace-weight delight that Aimee sent my way during SP7. I jumped right in with the "Bottom Edging" part of the Mrs. Beeton pattern, and after finishing the ruffle, switched to straight stockinette. I've gotten a few inches thus far and am undecided about its shape:


I wanted a more gradual bell taper from the ruffled edge to the wrist, but I don't totally hate this. So, the question is, do I continue on to finish the arm, or do I play with the shaping more?

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