January 20, 2006

Out Damn Knot, Out.

After a couple weeks of conflicts, I finally made it back to a Chicks With Sticks gathering and took with me from my stalled WIPs pile, D's Lelah. I knew it was time to go home when we were down to two chicks, and this tangle hindered my forward progress:


I got home, flicked on the hockey game, and managed to untangle the mess by the end of the second period. Sadly, my Sabres lost, but what began as this earlier in the evening:


quickly knit up into this:


All in a night's work, I guess.

I've been on a mission to get rid of all these WIPs, because I really don't enjoy being such a multi-tasking knitter. With January complete, I finally got around to finishing up Belated, so dubbed, since my brother only got to see a half-finished one on Christmas day. (Now, it's just a matter of getting it out in the mail -- if he's lucky, he'll get it while it's still cold enough to get some use; though, the season's been pretty wacky up here in our northeast corner of the country):



Kelly B. said...

Ahhhh!!! You have a blog too!!!!

This is Kelly from Chicks w/Sticks. I was looking up your Lelah pictures, clicked on your name, and saw that you have a knitting blog too! How fun. Now I have another thing to distract me during my work day ;-)

By the way, your Lelah is gorgeous. I may have to try that once I'm done with my armwarmers, sweater, shrug...oh dear.

Yoon said...

w00t for finished scarves! Or, scarf rather.

Jenna said...

The fuschia Lelah looks beautiful!! D is a lucky girl!