December 11, 2005

That Time of Year

It's that time of year again -- the time that any other reading I've been doing gets put on hold and I once again immerse myself in Middle Earth. There are a couple reasons for this being the ideal time of year to begin the annual read. Most logically of course is Peter Jackson deciding to open the movies every holiday season. Each release naturally triggered the desire to dig the books out to complete the tale for that season. Then of course is the inclination to ensconce onself under blankets, donned in flannel pjs, hot cocoa in hand, and to read without end. So, yesterday, despite all good intentions to give my digs a well-needed cleaning, I spent the day reading. My parents, especially my dad, love to make fun of my penchant for re-reading things. Most probably because I'm always complaining that there's never enough time to read everything I want to. But the joy of re-reading is that every read adds a new layer to the tale, and one always discovers some new detail, especially when its Tolkien. Oh, the grand glory of it.

But alas, today, I MUST clean. Sigh.

In knitting news, stalled on the sticks is D's Lelah. I'm thinking that if I post a picture of this waylaid project, that I'll get motivated and guilted into picking it up again.



K said...

You are so much more ambitious than I am. When I feel the call of the ring, I pop in the trilogy and pick up a new knitting project ;)

Yoon said...

and yet you frown upon my watching and rewatching of the movie Spaceballs? OK, so maybe it's not exactly the same.