January 23, 2006

Movin' on up ...

... to Detroit. So, we now know that the Super Bowl will pit the Steelers against the Seahawks. It should be an exciting game to watch. I'll be cheering for the Bus and Co. to get it done. In more football news, the Bills apparently have hired a new head coach, in an attempt to move on from a most definitely forgettable season, and are expected to officially announce tomorrow. And while all this football was going on, Lelah quietly moved steadily towards completion:


Assuming I stay committed to her this week, I think she'll be ready for blocking within the next few days or so.


Anonymous said...

your secret pal here... curious what yarn you're using for lelah? its looking great!

krazybarrister said...

thanks! i'm using knit picks' shine, again. it knits up quite soft (tis nice against the skin!) with a pretty sheen. i altered christine's pattern to accommodate the lighter weight yarn, and am using smaller needles.