December 12, 2005

Kitchen Help.

Lifehacker kindly points me to this handy chef's tool. You check off what you've got in your kitchen and it tells you what you can make. Currently, my fridge & cupboards can yield these concoctions: fried egg; chocolate dream; cheese souffle omelette; cup of coffee; scrambled eggs; choclate mousse; rice pudding; basic omelette; white choclate mousse and choclate fudge pudding. What does this say about me? I need to go grocery shopping and I love chocolate.

So it looks like Karyn got my last SP package. I'm still waiting to find out who my fab spoiler was ... so 'fess up! This inquiring mind wants to know, so I can thank you properly for all the fun stuff you've sent along!

1 comment:

K said...

Karyn was a lucky gal :) you're a great SP!!