August 26, 2005

Knit to Fit!

So, not only is Lelah done, she fits! They're not lying to you when they say that guage matters. The only issue I have is with my ill-placed tan lines! Thankfully, it is easily solved with a cardigan thrown on. Wore it to work yesterday and got so many compliments and "hints" about whose I'm making next! I was certainly flattered, but really, the credit goes to Christine for desigining it in the first place! And as I posted before I really liked Meowgirl's use of the double-spaghetti strap, so my props go to them. I added a round of the lace pattern for length. My first bind-off in the regular method was a little loose, so I went back and did the half and half. The back was regular, and I did the one-over-two method in the front. Doing that, the top fit perfectly around, so I ditched the elastic (i.e., found an excuse for my laziness), and added the straps. I used about 4 1/2 balls of Knit Picks Shine, on US 7 and 5 bamboo needles.


I generally knit on my own. But, upon joining this firm, I quickly became good friends with my co-worker, K., and discovered a fellow crafty type. [Despite the growing national trend, most of my friends do not fit into that category, and look bemusedly upon me when I produce something, or say that I've spent the weekend knitting.] Though her passion is cross-stitching, she claims I've inspired her to rediscover her crocheting hobby. She's been dilligently working toward her first completed project - a very sweet baby blanket for her expectant friend. She's apparently started many things before, with much finer yarn and smaller hooks and never finished anything. Encouraging her to use a heavier yarn, and focusing on the goal of actually giving it to her friend, she's whipped it up in no time! And now she wants me to teach her to knit.

We're often found taking a break from work to wander over to the LYS which is conveniently (dangerously) located in the shopping center adjoining our office building. Yesterday, she came in to my office to "confess" that she stopped in on her way to work and then apologized for going without me. I didn't know whether to be amused that she felt so bad or jealous that she went without me! Anyhow, she keeps talking about doing a knit/crochet night, and I'm looking forward to it! So we shall see ... given both of our crazy schedules, finding a mutually convenient night will be the more difficult task, I think!

Mum was thoroughly amused the other night when I told her that I'm trading my yarn-craft skills for K.'s gardening ones. But, hey, without K., I never would have had this:


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