July 18, 2005

Being Very, Very Good

Okay, so Harry's new adventure is waiting for me, but I've been quite good with my self-control while I get some necessary things done and out of the way before tackling his latest tale (i.e., he's been locked in my car trunk while I tend to my other tasks). Been drafting some stuff for work, and now before I go to beddie bye, thought I'd get these pics up. Am saving Harry for tomorrow nite (assuming work doesn't get all crazy again!).

Here's the afghan at full size:

MV Afghan full 2

Catching a shot of its drape:

MV Afghan draped

Closer shot of detail:

MV Afghan close up

Corner stitch & edging detail:

MV Afghan corner

Now, I just need to get it safely wrapped and shipped off to the happy couple!

And, has everyone heard? Hockey's back! Yippee! (though not sure how I feel about these rumors of new rules ...)


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