April 03, 2005

Hakuna Matata

Earlier this week, the 'rents took me to see the traveling production of The Lion King as a birthday present -- Happy 30th to me! While living in NYC, though having heard many good things about this show, it was not one that I had to see. Now that hindsight is with me, I'm sad that I didn't. It is an amazing visual production, and sometimes felt crowded on the tiny stage our local theater houses. I can only imagine how incredible this show must be presented on a large Broadway stage. If you're looking for an amazing plot with wonderful acting and witty dialog, go see a Sam Shepard or Tom Stoppard; but the costumes -- those life-size puppets -- are something you do not want to miss out on. So, thank you Mum and Daddy for this yummy eye-catching treat.

But while I'm on the topic of attending the theater, I permit myself some rant-time, though I've calmed down considerably since we went Wednesday night. As I meandered into the seating area, I was rudely shoved aside by a frenzied, disheveled woman, who seemed to think that there was a rush to get seated despite there being about fifteen minutes until curtain. (Okay, my memory may be playing tricks by remembering her as disheveled, but reading on, one can understand why such a picture is in my head. The big hair and the panting though are very accurate pictures.) She squeezed herself between me and the usher who was about to check my ticket, shoved hers into the usher's face, waving her other arm wildly, pointing to the four or five folks ahead of me shouting, "WE'RE ALL TOGETHER." She must have thought she would get lost, because what other reason would there be to be so rude? Never mind that there were plenty of helpful ushers conveniently located at all entrance aisles and that it wasn't general admission and that the theater is tiny. And that if she was indeed with the group ahead of me, why not just follow them? I have never denied that I have no tolerance for stupid people. Erring on the side of being judgmental, clearly here was a stupid person in my midst. I have long stopped making excuses for them, because they deserve none.

Rant No. 2: The woman on the end of my aisle, two seats down from me, must have been auditioning for the DVD commentary portion. Do these people really think that their incessant yammering goes unnoticed if it's whispered? She wasn't even a very good whisperer, and often hit normal talking decibel levels. Do they not realize that there are other people in the room?

Okay, I feel better now, having taken out my frustrations furiously on my keyboard.

If there was anything redeeming about the audience it was the sheer joy and excitement that emanated from the numerous kids, obviously awed by the beautiful visual effects they were witnessing.

I started at the new job on Friday, after packing up and closing up at the old one on Thursday. It's all a bit surreal. No more pow-wows in B's office for rants or laughs, and lunchtime outings with M will now have to be scheduled, rather than the impromptu, "Hey, feel like Indian today?" These have been my comforts and joys these past two and half years. True, I've only just moved around the corner, and I know that we will always be friends, but it's not the same. There are new bonds to be forged, new personalities to decipher and contend with.

That being said, so far, so good, after one day. Everyone has been so approachable and welcoming, what's not to like? And I must confess, I am enjoying the comforts of being less down-trodden. They've actually ordered furniture for me, as opposed to having to make do with whatever's available. And I have this gorgeous view from my window on the 19th floor. And, they pay for parking. In a garage. I feel almost traitorous saying such things, but, well, such it is. Only time will tell how I'll fare working for the Other Side...

Onto the knitting ... I am moving quicker than I anticipated on the vest, given what little free time I've had. I finished up the back, and was a bit disturbed when I bound off, having these weird stepped edges on the tops of my shoulders. But Crafster was there for me -- what a great resource. The front is half-done, and I'm having fun with the cables which are much easier than I thought, and more fun that I could have predicted. I think I shall be able to finish up in a week or so! Whee!

I enjoyed the armchair walk through the old 'hood while perusing Fig and Plum today. There are days when I fantasize about moving back and setting up house again in Brooklyn... perhaps, someday I will. But for today, I will reflect on fond memories of walking over to Prospect Park on warm, breezy spring days, while watching with no surprise at the snow falling from grey skies in April, in Western New York. At any rate, I will be walking the city streets in a few short weeks anyway. Plans for the bday celebration are nicely falling into place!

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Rachel said...

How very fun to run across your blog. I see in your side bar that you link to the Village Knittiot. Just thought I'd let you know we moved on over to a new URL (got our own domain and everything ;). The new address is www.villageknittiot.com

Also, would love love love to see pictures of the vest you're working on :)
And congratulations on the new job!