March 27, 2005

Making Progress

Didn't have much time to knit this past week. Actually, it's more that I had so little free time that I was torn by what to do with it, and ended up doing much of nothing. Was relaying this sentiment to S at work, a long-time knitter who handles my knitting emergencies, and gives me tons of encouragement. Not enough time to knit and read ... and I can't remember how long it's been since I've touched a crossword, once a twice-daily hobby. Sometimes I just get so overwhelmed with the options to employ my free time that I just choose to nap instead! Hee hee. I've read around the lists about people who can do both, but for me, getting fully wrapped up in a book, all curled up in my tattered, decades-old armchair is really the only way to do it. So I guess it will always have to be a choice of one or the other.

After a sluggish Saturday where I alternated between napping and catching up on overdue laundry, the adrenaline resurfaced after watching the Illini come backto edge out Arizona in OT. Though I don't really follow basketball, college or pro, any close sports competition is always exciting. I've already been knocked out of the office pool, so it's good to at least see some intense games! But I'm digressing ... The knitter's muse eventually hit around 1 am, and I proceeded to work without interruption on the vest for about 2 hours, while watching a documentary on PBS about a Harvard murder investigation. Yes, interesting combination, I admit, but it was 1 am! I've started the armhole shaping, and this being my first ever armhole of any type has me very giddy. It's extremely exciting and gratifying to see something start to take shape and be something more than just rows of knitting!

It's getting there!Is that an armhole I see?

The sun is shining today and we've got a crocus popping up. At least I'm told it's a crocus. Enter, spring.

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