March 20, 2005

No Likey.

After knitting up about six inches or so on the vest, I've decided that I don't like the box stitch with this yarn. It's too frumpy -- almost bobble-y -- and so not me. I liked how it played out in my guage swatch, but it's just not doing it for me in real-size. So now what to do with it? Am contemplating altering the pattern and scrapping the box stitch in favor of stockinette. It looks fairly easy to adjust, even with my limited beginner skills. I am however scouring my books, magazines and the web for another vest pattern. Funny, not that i can't try out a sweater or something, but I've now got my heart set on using this stuff for a vest -- I think it's something about the color.

Finally, after about three months of it languishing in the corner of my bedroom, threw my little decreasing-practice-turned-knitted-purse in the washer to felt it up. It felted slightly unevenly and no amount of stretching would get it to even out. I think it may have had something to do with the lazy, haphazard way in which I seamed it up. Oops (*sheepish grin*)! Looking at it this morning after drying though, the slight stitch-definition that didn't bother me last night, has me wondering whether it's possible to re-felt something? Probably should have let it run a couple more cycles. I'll have to do some web-hunting and see what the wise ones say about this. And I suppose I'll have to choose a handle for it. It may get done in the next three months or so!

Good news! The the job hunt is finally over. YAY! The firm that I really, really liked apparently likes me enough to make an offer. Lunch is tomorrow where I'll get the details but I already know I'm going to take it, even if they offer me peanuts. Because peanuts is still more than I am making now!

I shouldn't be so glib. After all I loved my job, knowing that I was doing good work, and made great friends. But the state of public interest funding generally is just not something I can afford to be controlled by anymore. And, one of the many pluses of this new gig? It's right next door to my LYS. How great is that?! (Uh-oh!)

And, plans for the big three-oh celebration are under way. I'm psyched to get back to the city! It's been too long since I've been last, and have been plagued by the itch. It'll be April, so it should be deliciously spring and perfect to wander the old haunts. In addition to the dinner/drinks/dancing bit, afternoon tea at Alice's Tea Cup is in the works. Mmm... dreaming of scones and finger sandwiches...

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