February 20, 2005

I Made It Back!

So I've come back for another post, though not much to report today. Am so enjoying the fact that we have a long weekend. Thank you George and Abe.

Have taken the lovely weekend time to ensconce myself in an armchair that's older than my (almost!) three decades to reread my Lord of the Rings books. Oh, what a great world to fall into.

Finally got around to finishing baby B's blanket ... don't know why but the last bit of edging just took me forever to get to! looking at the time frame it took to make it doesn't reflect accurately the time I put into it! One month! Well, one month between the two days of actual knitting! Ah well. At any rate, it's all done, and I'm scheduled to meet the 1 1/2 month old B tomorrow!

Still working away on my dpns, but I haven't given them much time this week. There are just not enough hours in the day for me to do all the reading, watching and crafts that I want. And naptimes! And the gym! Sigh ...

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