February 13, 2005

The New Adventures of Blogging

Okay. I'm finally jumping on this bandwagon to see what all the blogging fuss is about. The ultimate question I suppose is, am I dilligent enough to return to this and continue posting? Only time will tell, I suppose.

After hanging on to the book way past it's library due date(oops!), finally finished Marv Levy's,
Where Else Would You Rather Be?. What can I say ... when you're born and bred in Bufffalo, you're either a football fan or you're not. Regardless, Marv rocks my world. He's a smart, funny, dude, passionate about his football. Gotta love it.

One of these days I will get around to finishing Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell. Enjoyable as it is, it's so long, and I only listen to it on the commute, and sometimes the iPod wins out for the journey. In the meantime, I listen merrily on, and my monthly Audible selections pile on my "to be heard" list. Oh well ... I guess I can never run out of things to do!

My knitting skills are progressing and I get bolder, as I've moved on to my first dpn project. After having successfully done the knitted flat fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting, i'm going to give Voodoo a try. Nice, small projects (= instant gratification!). One can never have too many of these lovely, handy dandy wristwarmer/fingerless mitts/ whatever you want to call them.

Figuring out how to do links and stuff has now given me a headache so it's time to retire. If I'm motivated enough to return, I'll try posting pics next time. This could be fun. Hmm.

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