March 05, 2005

Part Stickler Am I

I've been having a lot of laughs with Lynne Truss's book which I snagged from the library. It's every bit as amusing as the reviews promise it to be, and I can identify with much of what she writes.

Had a jolly old time hanging with B last night after work. I will miss the Friday evening happy hour ramblings when this gig is up. I really do love those French Martinis. Yum, yum, yum.

Where to next? That is the question. This whole interviewing process is such a pain in the ass. It can be over too soon.

After T's ravings of the extended DVDs of the LOTR Trilogy, I've gotten around to borrowing the first. She is right and the added scenes do give that extra oomph. Haven't gotten around to checking out the extra features yet, but I anticipate them eagerly, and no doubt, T's praises are not unworthy.

And perhaps, when all those featurettes are watched thoroughly, I'll have time to return to my guilty pleasure purchase and relive my childhood imagining that I am Wonder Woman.

Now, time to buy some more yarn, and see if I'm ready to venture into garment-making.

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