June 09, 2012

Change Is Good

My go-to tuna salad recipe is pretty simple:  tuna, mayo, diced red onions, diced celery, and occasionally diced dill pickle.  It's quick and so easy to put together the night before work.  It never would have occurred to me to change it up until, craving a tuna melt today, I discovered this recipe.  It started out as a simple search on the internets for the best cheese to use and how long and at what temperature to bake.

Adding hard boiled eggs?  Dijon mustard?  Brilliant!  Served on an English muffin topped with Meunster [broiled about a minute before it got all lovely melty], this was the perfect lunch after my morning Zumba class, but I also envision a future of cold tuna sandwiches using this recipe.  I didn't have any gherkins or jalapenos on hand, but even without them, what a great tuna salad.  I had about a spoonful of grated Parmesan cheese that needed to be used up so I threw that in the mix too. 

tuna melt

I used a single can of albacore in water, drained, one hard boiled egg, handfuls each of finely diced red pepper and red onion and used about a third of the salad with a single muffin, served with the halves open-faced. The rest of the salad is chilling in the fridge; perhaps for another melt tomorrow, or even just to take to work next week. 



Anonymous said...

i'll sometimes have a scoop of tuna/mayo/egg over a salad with a strong vinaigrette. i refer to the concoction as "protein mush". appetizing- no? :)


Michele (Lakeffect) said...

This looks great, Jane. I'm going to try it. BTW, if you are looking for something good to read, try "Wool", by Hugh Howey. It's available as a Kindle download. It's a good story, distopian sci/fi, with well drawn characters. You might like it.

krazybarrister said...

thanks for the rec, michele. that book does sound interesting and i shall add it to my to-read queue!