February 21, 2011


A weekend is never really enough time to get everything done that one aspires to. So, I took advantage of the three-day gift (county employment has its benefits) and extended it by a couple days and had a bit of a mini-break. 5 luxurious days en toto, to be exact.

I cleaned (oh, so very much needed). I read. I knit. I went to two hockey games (we lost both). I sewed. I watched movies. I even went to the gym a few times.

Man, I need to do this more often. If I did, I might actually finish stuff! Not only do I have a nice, clean apartment, I got to devote the better part of a day toward my next quilt.


I think I may have been a bit ambitious in choosing to do this as my second quilt. Theoretically, using the HSTs makes a lot of sense and should be relatively "easy." I hadn't taken into account that I was going to have to match up a lot of seams which turned out to be quite the tedious task, often resulting in seam ripping and do-overs. And I still have seams that don't quite match up, but I've decided to forge ahead anyhow. It's not the most accurate piece of sewing in the world, but it will have to do. I've just filed away all the "don't's" in my head for next time. In any event, the quilt top is coming along, and I'm kind of liking it, despite its flaws.

A few more hours left of freedom before checking back in to reality ... hmm, what shall I do with it?

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