June 16, 2010

Can't Get Enough

[Day 5]

Trombone Shorty, Take 2 (Harro East) -- Though the Tent is a much better venue for these guys acoustically, it sure didn't affect these guys' energy. I just love these guys.

Alison Brown Quartet (Tent) -- Tried to see her the last time she was in town but it was not meant to be. This time however we scored seats right in front. Not sure which wooed me over more, her picking skills or her charm. Either way, I'm so glad I got to see her this time 'round.

Russell Malone Quartet (Kilbourn) --- Wow. The man can play jazz, funk and da blues. And lucky for us, he played for an hour and forty minutes, including a take on Hendrix's Purple Haze. Oh, yeah.

[Day 6]

Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, The Final Act. (Harro East) - Um, yeah, so a bit of a groupie. We caught the night's second and festival's final billing tonight and are we sure glad we did. Apparently having to cut the first set short due to a fire alarm, the boys from New Orleans were amped up and raring to play. As an extra special treat they played musical switcheroo just to show us how good they really are.

Hackensaw Boys (Abilene) -- Makes me just wanna watch O, Brother Where Art Thou? These Virginny boys were a hand-slappin', foot stompin', do-si-do-in' hoot 'n a holler.

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