June 12, 2010

9th Annual Jazz Fest Is Here!

After missing out on most of last year's musical festivities due to work obligations (I'm not bitter or anything), I am happily ensconced in Jazz Fest life for the next week or so that's left.

Highlights thus far:

[Day 1]

Billy's Band (Harro East)- These guys were just as fun and quirky as they were when last I saw them. I was a bit worried that the guys who wowed the crowds at Max a couple years ago would be suffocated by the acoustically challenged space, but the sound guys have done amazing things this year. Both the Russians and Catherine Russell have sounded great at the Harro.

[Day 2]

Catherine Russell (Harro East) -- Loved her the last time she was around, and more than contentedly saw her again. Tiny woman. Amazing pipes.

Terry Clarke Trio (Xerox Aud) -- This band was not on my radar and I had no idea what to expect but I tagged along with friends and was pleasantly surprised by their extremely polished performance. I felt smarter by the time they were done. It was like having read a really, really great book.

Brass Jaw (Christ Church) -- Love, love, love these guys. I could have listened to them all night long. And the church? Couldn't have picked a better venue for this band. Have I mentioned that I love, love, love these guys?

Hazmat Modine (Tent) -- They look and sound like gypsies -- in the good-gets-the-beat-going-makes-you-wanna-get-up-and-dance kinda way. Great way to close the night.

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