April 19, 2009

Belated Easter Cheer


Late to the web, but this little spring basket did actually get delivered just before the Big Bunny hit town. I stumbled across the lovely idea some time ago, and found it to be a good use of leftover sock yarn. The basket went to a friend, who last year lamented the sadness in being unable to preserve real Easter eggs.

I've been on a cooking spree lately and trying some new dishes. I sometimes forget that tasty meals can be really simple, like this zuchinni & corn pasta. After sifting through the comments, I did as many did and sauteed the vegetables in the bacon grease instead of boiling them, also adding a small onion. I used a whole wheat pasta and Wegmans' pesto from their olive bar. I halved the recipe, which left me a sizeable serving for dinner and plenty for at least a couple days' lunch. Yum. (of course, generally anything with bacon is!)


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