September 01, 2008


While I understand that the whole point of labor day weekend is to honor our nation's workers and that not working would be the best way to honor that, as much as I would love to oblige, because our county can't be bothered to give us enough money to get enough attorneys to actually make our caseloads manageable, some of us actually have to work on labor day, just to perform one's job competently.

So, please pardon my extreme irritation at not being able to get into the office (which of course only has limited hours because heaven forbid we actually have access to our  building) due to the parade. I spent half an hour driving around trying to get to the garage -- or close to the building even, as I would have been perfectly happy finding a parking spot anywhere. When I explained to the one (very nice) cop at an intersection near the office that I was just trying to get into the office, he told me the parade was just finishing up and if I drove around to the back end of the parade, I could get in since the farthest intersection had opened up.  So I drove all the way around only to find it was still blockaded and traffic was being directed by the biggest asshole of a cop who didn't even want to listen to me as I tried to explain what the other officer had directed me to do.  

I ended up just coming back home.  I'm contemplating riding my bike in, but at this point, I now would have to stay late just to get all the crap I need to get done, and downtown around here ain't exactly the safest of spots, so riding home late is not really a viable alternative.

I'm just a little peeved.  

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