September 11, 2008


This post is long overdue.  Aimee tagged me eons ago when I was being lazy about posting, and then work just got insane.  But, I'm finally getting around to it.  The deal is to list ten things about yourself ... 

1. I bought a bike this summer -- I hadn't ridden one in years but was inspired by a friend who bought one and we've been trying to hit the trails at least once every weekend.  I'd forgotten how much fun it is to ride a bike.  I worried that I'd forgotten how.  Guess what?  It's like riding a bicycle.  Ha.  No buyer's remorse here.

2. Rome is my favorite city in the world. 

3. I love Korean food -- which only makes sense since I was brought up on the stuff.  That being said, I don't usually crave it.  Until recently.  Once I left home for college, I'd go for long period of time without Korean food.  When I came home for the holidays, I was reminded of how good it was, but I didn't really have cravings.  When I lived in NYC, it was much more accessible than it was when I was living in my small, rural college town, and I went out for it often enough, but usually at the behest of others.  This past year though, the cravings have been coming on.  Weird.  Must have something to do with getting older.  

4.  My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Peanut Butter Cup. Mmm.  Yum.  I might just have to run out now and get some.  After I finish this post.  

5. Coupling.  I love this show.  I own the whole series on DVD.   I watch them over and over and over and over ... Yeah.  I know.  I have problems.  

6. I can't stand reality TV.  That was, until I discovered the Bravo shows that have become my crack.  It started with Top Chef.  Then hopped on to the Project Runway bandwagon (a few seasons late, but I soon discovered its draw).  Now I will pretty much watch anything on Bravo. Even the bad episodes have me hanging on until the end.  

7.  Speaking of reality TV, despite my resistance, I've also become hooked on a Korean show, We Got Married.  The premise?  Ridiculous.  The show pairs up celebrities who pretend they're married.  Every week they get tasks (i.e., setting up house; buying a mother's day gift, etc.).  I got so obsessed with it that when I was home this past weekend I made my mother dig out her old Korean/English dictionary and give it to me.  Subtitles don't do the show justice.  My mother found it rather amusing that I am watching Korean TV online.  I once taunted my friend who introduced me to this show, and now look what I've become!

8. My favorite smells and sounds are of the ocean.  This is odd, as I grew up nowhere near an ocean, nor did we travel much to it.  Somehow though, I got it from my mother.  After I graduated from college, I spent a year in Korea teaching.  My mother was out for a visit and dragged me all around meeting all sorts of relatives I never knew existed.  She took me down to her small, coastal hometown and told me that her favorite sounds and smells are of the ocean.  I'd never known that.  But, somehow, I guess I did.  

9. Mornings are my least favorite time of day.  They are also my least agreeable time of day.  My old roommates say that I made nasty faces, and they didn't dare talk to me until after I'd had my coffee and shower.  Apparently, it's so bad, that a close friend once called me around 10 am and at the sound of my hello said he'd call back after the coffee kicked in.  Hard to tell which is worse -- my morning mood or my "i'm starving" mood.

10. As crazy as it is, I love my job.  I think I'm pretty lucky -- I don't know too many people who can say this.  So I guess I'm in the right place for now.  

I'm not taggin' anyone, but if you join in the fun, drop me a comment and a link.

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