October 10, 2007


Last night I lost my voice and my heart at Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Going into Monday's game, I wasn't overambitious -- wasn't looking for a win. I just hoped that we would play well -- something the Bills hadn't done in a long time until last week's spark against the Jets. Then Monday night came. Five interceptions. A forced fumble. A kick return touchdown. Defense and Special Teams were on fire. So how on earth did we lose?!

Dad and I left after the Bills denied Dallas the 2-point conversion. 20 seconds left. We were going to beat traffic. Halfway to the car, a fellow fan announced that the Cowboys managed to recover the ball. By the time we were on the road, the Bills had lost.

I don't know which is worse -- leaving the game thinking you've won, only to discover you've lost, or staying the whole game and losing it at the very end.

Dick Jauron has had his fair share of questionable plays, but I've never felt particularly strongly about them until now (of course, if we had won, we'd all be focusing on the insanely awesome trick play they worked in with Moorman on the first drive). However, Jauron consistently fails to use the clock, and with this I must take issue. Granted, last night our running game left something to be desired. However, by the fourth quarter, he should have been finding a way to grind it out and take time off the clock. Instead, he did everything possible to make sure Dallas got the ball back several times, with plenty to work with. What was that all about?

Okay, I'm done with the griping.

If there was a game to be at -- last night's was definitely one of them. The first Monday Night game in thirteen years. The fans were hyped, and until the end, we played a solid, exciting game (see Moorman link above).

[Okay, maybe not so done with the griping -- I wonder if a Buffalo sports team will ever figure out how to Finish a game. Typical.]

On the positive side, D looked good, despite all the injuries and the loss of starters. I hope they give Edwards the starting QB job as I've never really cared for Losman. Having been a Bledsoe fan since his glory days with the Patriots, I was bummed about the way he was let go, and yes to be truthful, have held that against J.P. [I'd like to note that Bledsoe's time in Buffalo was plagued by the lack of an effective offensive line.] So anyhow, I really, really, really like this Stanford kid. Yes, offense had little to do with Monday night's game, but Edwards looked more comfortable out there with the crowds and the ESPN cameras and the undefeated Cowboys than Losman has ever looked. Anytime. Losman always seems confused and hesitant. If he had played last night, I doubt we would have even had a chance.

To add insult to injury, last night's game put my Fantasy Football opponent in the win column -- Romo was his QB and until Dallas played, my co-worker's team was trailing mine. Go figure.

All this being said, hope springs eternal. Two weeks from now I'll be back rooting for my team. I am, from Buffalo, after all.

** Disclaimer: I do not profess to be any kind of sports' critic. I am merely a fan with rather strong opinions, -- as any proper sports fan should be.

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