October 07, 2007

Dyslexic Memory

They say that Memory is one of the first things to go. Perhaps my excitement to start the Central Park Hoodie got the better of me. As I got about halfway up the back panel I realized that I'd been doing my cables backward. Recalling from memory, rather than actually putting much thought into the mechanics of which stitches to pull forward and backward in cabling without a cable needle, I forged ahead. When Brett Favre made yet another inexplicable interception I stared down at my knitting and realized that when I should have been pulling stitches from the front, I was pulling from the back and vice versa. Not sure that that one misstep had much to do with the other, but something about the sloppy football play made bells go off in my head.

Dad got a good chuckle as I resignedly stuffed my knitting back into my knitting bag where it will sit while I contemplate whether to frog it.

It's not that noticeable, really --

central park hoodie wip

The cable is just off by one full repeat, I guess. I dunno ... I'll have to think on it. On the upside, it didn't take that long to knit up, as I just cast on last night.

I'm enjoying this brief respite home with the 'rents. The last eight weeks have been rather hellish, but things will start to calm down a little bit as I move into an easier schedule in my current court rotation. Nonetheless, I still put in full days at the office both yesterday and today before hitting the road, but tomorrow I'll get to sleep in a little before dealing with the files that took the short road trip with me. Then Dad and I are headed with high hopes to the first Bills' Monday Night Game in ages.

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