December 30, 2006

Ken Said "Tag"

The deal is to list five things that other people don't know about me, then to tag 5 other people to do the same. Thinking upon this though, it's hard to know who knows what about me, as my life is more or less an open book (i.e., I talk a lot), so my responses will be Ken-centric -- at least I don't think he knows these things about me:

1. The first time I read The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, I hated it. In retrospect, I think it had a lot to do with the teacher -- I didn't care much for my eighth grade English teacher, though it was more indifference than dislike. I had to read it again the following year, when I moved to a new school district and it was part of their ninth grade curriculum. I fell in love with the witty satire (and I loved my teacher), and today it is one of my favorite literary works.

2. I was fluent in Korean until I was about 3. I didn't know about this until I was much older (post-college) when I asked my mom what my first word was as a baby. When she said, "Um-mah" (the Korean word for mom), I was surprised. It never occurred to me that my first words would be in Korean, or that I was ever fluent in the language. My Korean now is functional but nowhere near fluent. My mom was amused, and asked what I expected given that's what my parents used at home. Oh right, duh. Apparently, my first day in day care I cried all day because I didn't understand what the teachers were saying. I guess that was impetus enough to learn English.

3. I had five wisdom teeth. I was at a routine dentist appointment when it was decided it was time to have the wisdom teeth out. My dentist was reviewing my x-rays when he exclaimed, "That's wild!" (these are not reassuring words one wants to hear from one's dentist). I had one tooth growing on top of another. There was some nonsense with our insurance such that it only covered the removal of four teeth per year, so I had to go through the damn ordeal twice. They removed the three on the one side the first year and the remaining two the next. (Ken, I suppose it's possible you knew this, since it came up somehow the last time I had dinner with Kari).

4. I am frequently guilty of road rage.

5. I don't really care for brothy soups. My relatives and other Korean friends find this unusual since brothy soups are a huge part of Korean cuisine. I didn't like them growing up (there are a few exceptions), and will take a chowder or creamed soup over them any day.

I'm hitting up Kelly, Ellen and Fricano. If Terry had a blog, I'd tag him too (Hi, Terry!). The rest of you are off the hook, but if you're looking for posting inspiration, why not partake? :)

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