December 10, 2006

Just In Time

Hourglass is done, and just in time for the wintry weather that has settled upon us in these parts.


Pattern: Hourglass Sweater, Last Minute Knitted Gifts
Yarn: Mystery yarn (donated to stash by a friend)
Needles: US 7, bamboo circular and DPNs for sleeves.

Prior to starting this project, I had read via blogs and Craftster, etc. about the problems with the neck. I too found that the pattern as written resulted in a wide neck that I may have proudly sported as a third-grader in the '80's, but was a bit too Flashdance for my 2006 sensibilities (not to mention that I am in denial that 80's fashion appears to be making a comeback.) Despite my "research," I originally sewed up the neck hem exactly as written in hopes that this was not the case for me but alas, I had to go back and re-do it. Otherwise I would have finished this last week. I hadn't woven in any ends though, so pulling out the stitches wasn't too complicated. I then added 10 decrease rows (therefore 20 additional rows) to tighten up the neck opening and get rid of the off-the-shoulder effect. The sweater curls a bit at the hems, but I think I may have stitched them a bit tighter than necessary. All in all, I'm pretty happy with this as a first sweater-- and actually surprised that it fits so well!

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