September 11, 2006

The Second First Sock

The first time I tried my hand at socks, I got all the way through my first sock, bound off and wove in the ends before trying it on. That was a mistake because upon doing so, I discovered that I had slipped my toe stitches onto the wrong needles such that my finished toe seam ran vertically rather than horizontally. After much consternation trying to unweave my extremely well-hidden ends and "un-kitchenering" the toe, I was forced to frog the thing. I never got around to recasting for them, as I got distracted by other projects.

Thus, my second "first sock."


I'm pretty happy with it, except for the tiny hole by the heel, where I must have misspaced the picked up stitches. I figure if it really bothers me down the line I can close it up from the inside. In wandering my apartment whilst single-socked, I can now see how one can come to prefer the knitted kind. I'm not sure how this yarn compares to other sock yarns, but it certainly felt much more luxurious on the foot than your average store-bought fare. It'll be awhile before it gets cold enough for me to want to actually wear them though. I love buying socks but I don't wear them much, as my warm feet prefer being bare whenever possible; so it has to be really cold for me to keep them on. Still, I can totally see myself with a drawer full of knitted socks. Knitting onward to my first second sock!

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