August 29, 2006

Deja Vu

My internet connection is down again. According to the tech support people, I have a "bad modem." Well, no duh. They're supposed to come back out this weekend to fix it, yet again.

At any rate, for lack of any desire to stay here at work any longer than I have to, while suffering the DTs of internet withdrawal at home, I post this picture of my Jaywalker-in-progress:


My friend Kari gave me this beautiful Opal Handpainted Sock Yarn last year as a pick-me-up when I was having an off day, and it's been sitting around waiting for the fates to choose its destiny. The Jaywalkers have been on my to-do list since they hit the wires last year and everyone went crazy about them, but I just hadn't gotten around to them. A couple weeks ago, I spied the yarn in my stash and checked the pattern to see if I'd have enough for a pair. Not only did I have enough, it's the same yarn used in the pattern, which I hadn't realized. How serendipitous! Now, if I could only get used to using such small needles, I might get some socks out of this venture.

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