August 08, 2006

New Project?

I love library day.


I moved in to this apartment a little over a year ago, and brought with me a couple mismatched pieces of furniture (donated with love by mum & daddy of course) with the intention of learning how to reupholster them. Never actually got around to it. Over the weekend, I got to peek around quite a few other apartments and houses while party-hopping during what is apparently not such a carefree fest as one would like to believe, and felt gently chastised for not doing more with my home decor. Impeccable timing actually, as just the night before while imbibing margaritas, stuffing my face with dangerously addictive taco dip and eyeing Jenna's VOA find, I recruited fellow knitter Kelly to come help me experiment on my ragtag furniture. Because I need more distraction from my Lists.

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