August 05, 2006


Lists are all well and good, but getting through them isn't always an easy task. My knitting queue currently consists of: Cozy (which recently resurfaced after a long hibernation at the bottom of my knitting bag); the Trellis Scarf (from Interweave Knits Spring 06) and River. Oddly, they're actually all very similar projects -- flat, lace scarf/wrap-ish items. In all their similarities though, they are so very different, due simply to the yarn used. I'm knitting Cozy with a worsted weight wool/rayon, that's much heavier than the other two, which I think will make a lovely wrap for the fall. The Trellis Scarf, in contrast, is in a lace weight alpaca/silk that just floats through my fingers as I knit. I'm working this up on much larger needles than called for, to make it even airier, and I'm adding a bit of width to it, so it can serve as a summer wrap or fall scarf when doubled. River in Kidsilk Haze, yields yet a different texture, and I can't wait to finish and block it, just to see the lace open up in all its Kidsilk glory. I've also been playing around with the Be Sweetthat Kate turned me on to, and making a pair of armwarmer sleeves (also Kate's fault) in the delightful Baby Pink. However, I confess I haven't been doing much knitting; hence, little progress on the list.

As for my insanely ambitious summer reading list, that too remains, with many reads still to go. Today, I did manage to finish Beyond Band of Brothers: The War Memoirs, which I enjoyed, in spite of the simplistic writing style. Though, that's to be expected from such a humble man as Major Winters I think, and any other voice would have seemed false. These memoirs don't add much to the story so poignantly told by Spielberg and Hanks, but for any fan of the miniseries, or Ambrose's book, it's a good companion.

As an update to my last post, Neda and her sons, with the help of some friends, managed to get safely out of Southern Lebanon. There are still many civilians there though, so please keep them in your thoughts.

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