July 05, 2006

A New Kind of Voodoo ...

Well, not exactly, but it does kind of look like it, doesn't it, with all those pins in it? I was looking for some light knitting to do and this seemed perfect, as well as a great way to use up some oddball yarn. Eventually, it will become one of the Knitted Babes.

I bust out laughing when I laid out this front body piece and realized that the scraps of yarn I used as markers inadvertently look like the limbs. Couldn't resist taking the photo.

Over the lovely long weekend I zipped through Pamela Aidan's An Assembly Such as This, the first book in the Fitzwilliam Darcy, Gentleman series. It's an entertaining tale in and of itself, but not wholly satisfying as a companion to Austen's Pride and Prejudice. Maybe I'll feel different after I read the whole series though; that is, if I can get my hands on it. There appears to be nary a copy of either the second or third book anywhere in our public library system, despite its 30 branches! The reference librarian cited it was likely due to budget problems. Libraries should not have budget problems. Go donate to your local library, please.

I did however manage to snag the library's copy of the first season of Coupling and laughed my ass off. I've seen most of the episodes before (check it out on BBCAmerica), but each viewing is as fresh and funny as it was the first time 'round. I once heard it described as the British version of Friends, but really, the only thing it seems to have in common with it is the fact that the main characters are three girls and three guys who happen to be friends. Really, it's a show about couples and sex, and the different takes men and women have on those topics. Oh, and it's way funnier. As for NBC's attempt at an American version? It's a wonder they even thought it could work.

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