July 16, 2006


She was a nice, quick project -- just the right prescription for the unfocused knitter, looking for a little something to whip up. Total knitting time was less than twelve hours. A few notes -- next time I'll sew on the face features before sewing the body pieces together. I think it will be easier to sew the felt pieces on at that time. Also, I understuffed the neck, so she's not as sturdy as I'd like her to be, though sits up fine against my books. I'd never knit any toys before, but this was fun, and quite satisfying. Now, she just needs a name ...

Pattern: Doll and dress from Knitted Babes
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Wool/Cotton (1 ball, for doll); Elann Endless Summer Collection Sonata (scraps, for dress)
Needles: Bamboo, US 3 (doll), 5 (dress)

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