June 18, 2006

Next Year, Club Pass

Having RIJF running in town for the past week has been a welcome diversion, which I took advantage of as often as I could. I went back a few more times during the week, and met up with friends last night to catch the final night. After grabbing some chow, we hung out with the large mass of people that turned out for Dickey Betts. Though recovering from some late night carousing from the night before, I wanted to check out the nightly after-hours jam session with the Bob Sneider Trio. So, fighting heavy eyelids, I went with Ken and Sethto see what all the fuss was about, and let me say that I wish I could have stayed the whole night. What I saw was pure fun personified -- after the local trio played a set, it moved on to jam with other muscians in house for the night, whether they be locals, students, festival artists and others. An electric energy surged through the club, emanating equally from the artists and the audience; however, it was not enough to keep the z's away for me, and I begrudgingly had to call it a night around 1 AM. I managed to keep sleep at bay for the quick cab ride home, but was out cold the minute I locked my apartment door behind me.

I really like how the RIJF is set up, and think it's great that it runs for a full week rather than just a weekend. I also had the added benefit of living within walking distance, so it was pretty convenient to walk down any given evening to catch some great live music. The free shows, which are mostly what I attended, covered the gamut in variety, and were abundant in quality and talent. From what I have heard, the paid shows were equally diverse and satisfying. Having gotten a taste of club pass life with Kelly, and living vicariously through Ken and Seth, I'm definitely going that route next year.

For lack of knitting content as of late, I sign off with these shots --

100_0936 100_0927

I futzed around with the bell cuff part a few times, before settling on a more gradual taper than I originally started with. If I ever manage to finish its mate, I'll have the perfect accessories for the summer months -- easily stowed in one's purse, these will come in handy for cool summer nights and air-conditioned offices!

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